1 cor 13,LOVE is a life,its a nature, it gives without return, it sees the best in the midst of flaws, its all encompassing, its unconditional, its sacrificial, it goes all out to bring the best in someonelse, it forgives even before offense is conceived. 

Yeah, Cherished dearest beloved…, like to Love, live to Love, choose to Love, think to Love, act of Love, heart of Love, love to Love, breath Love, sleep Love, eat Love, wear Love, be Love,speak Love, show Love.

Hey lovely, see someonelse through the eyes of God, see yourself through His eyes……..the way He cherises you,the way He loves you,the way His eyes sparkles cause of you,the way He longs for you to always be wit Him, just Hush a little bit and see yourself through the eye of God,what can you see,read,feel,sense,percieve….cause GOD IS LOVE. 

I see God in you, i see Love in you. I love you. 

Remember He loves you with all His might,all His strength,all Heart and does so not only in tongue and words but in deeds and truth,likewise you…..do same. Feel the warmth of His embrace. Love never fails. He loves YOU!


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