I run to HIM for life and in HIM i hear SAFE

He hears my call, my plea

even when i thought i had no meaning, no purpose

God rewrote the text of my life,when i opened the book of my heart

and called me to His purpose.

HE picked me from the miry clay,from the gutters

when my life was shattered and bitter

when hells chains had me, HE took me in HIS arms

Before a single tear He knows and answers speedily

HE spoke the depth of HIS love into my heart

that my mind cant seem to fathom it

When i seeked for love from friends and parent

HE said i should rather long to know Him cause

He would always be there

MY GOD MY PEACE,  oh i would run to HIM

to HIs words of truth,i would run the race till i see His face

I bask in the glory of His Grace

I would soar on wings like eagles held by the Hands of God

I would run and not go tired

He has called me by a new  name

I am no more termed forsaken and my land shall no more

be termed desolate cause he has called me”my delight is in her”

am His OATH- oath  of God(elizabeth)

oh LORD, how great THOU art



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