Hi friend’ A note to remind u i luv nd apprt u. I may knw u in sch, d univ, in church, fellowships, or just acquintance but it occured to me dat too manytimes it seems we take 4 granted d ones we know and luv,we wait 4 bdays,holdays nd sm special occasn 2 say i luv u,i appc u or thank u. We let lif carry us on d neva endn road filld wit d respoblt of a day 2 day existance. In our busy lives we often 4gt dat der are more along d way dan just bills 2 pay,phone calls 2 return and errands 2 run. Der r ppl in our lives who need 2 be luvd,who need 2 b hugged.der r pple who need accplshment notice nd praise, we need 2 rmbr aw fragile d heart can be,how quickly a soul can grow weary and how fast a spirit can break. Thanks for being a part of my life. 


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