Psalm 23:5 ‘ Thou prepareth a table before me in the presence of my enemies…’
Meaning there is a table and there are enemies…….so which one will u choose to look at? Think about this. I wld say u look at d table. There will be oppostions but y not look away frm the enemies and focus on d table. Begin to recount the benefit and d good things He has done. Bad things are happening in countries but dont let that be your focus. You can choose wat u wanna hear, u can choose wat u wanna see. So take ur eyes off the enemies and begin to look at the table He has prepared for you. Even in d midst of war things,i mean good things are still happening. Its wat u wanna see dat u will see. Dont forget all His benefits….. Take ur eyes off d enemies they dont matter. If u can focus ur heart on God He can change alot of things. Forget not His benefit.!!!


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