Pain Reliever- Love

If u love,u will be vunerable, if u are vunerable people will hurt u, but will u 4give anyway?.
Love is opening urself beyound guards that would keep u.
Its impossible to love without being vunerable,
The ability 2 feel what others feel is a gift 4rm God.
The wounds of ur heart, emotion and ego are things people can’t see. It doesn’t heal in a instant.
There is no love without forgivness and no forgiveness without love.
U cant be a brigde 2 Jesus except u are ready 2 let pple walk all over u.
We struggle 2 4give bcs we are lukn backwards not forward. Cause we are lookin at what we passed through and not where we are going to.
If we are gonna get over it someday, why not today. Why facilitate your own pain.- BBA



Excitement on their faces as they played…., they swaved, danced even while seated as  their hands where on their instrument. An unexplainable pleasure they derived, as though they wanna shout and play with their bodies, or should i say ‘dance while the playing goes on…….but if they get up to dance to the melodies of Harmonious tunes……who would play the instruments? hahahaha

Whispers and sign languages of Key A, Key C etc, so beautiful. Gushers of new ideas flooding through their hearts as they kept on playing.

Everyone on their own stead, different instrument, playing different sounds, same key, same and varying sequence, two keyboard,lead guitar, bass guitar, two drums. so beautiful……..i thought to myself, what is music anyway?

Music is the combination of sounds that is pleasing to the ears. Melodious sounds derived from great harmonies of voices and/or instruments.  

Music….bringing lift to the soul and heavy heart, whether being sang or listened to.

I love Music.



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I was like “now if there’s a hit, I’m most likely to die first yet we wonder why the females are more than the males these days” and she replied saying “it means little. After all, it’s a mans’ world” and this statement of hers aroused my curiosity.
She would later go on to say that the world and its systems are sort of unfair to the female gender placing the males in the position of authority, with the females left behind.
Is this entirely true?! Are the males really calling the shot?! Are the females left with little or no significance?! These amongst…

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