Pain Reliever- Love

If u love,u will be vunerable, if u are vunerable people will hurt u, but will u 4give anyway?.
Love is opening urself beyound guards that would keep u.
Its impossible to love without being vunerable,
The ability 2 feel what others feel is a gift 4rm God.
The wounds of ur heart, emotion and ego are things people can’t see. It doesn’t heal in a instant.
There is no love without forgivness and no forgiveness without love.
U cant be a brigde 2 Jesus except u are ready 2 let pple walk all over u.
We struggle 2 4give bcs we are lukn backwards not forward. Cause we are lookin at what we passed through and not where we are going to.
If we are gonna get over it someday, why not today. Why facilitate your own pain.- BBA


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