Worship btw Man and God is a Love Affair
It’s actually Intercourse btw God and Man
And 1ce intercourse occurs, life is transferred
And the Life transferred makes Man Pregnant
Pregnant of what? Pregnant of Life….out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water
But 1ce intercourse takes place, Man becomes united with God
Man becomes 1 with God
God becomes jealously in LOVE with Man
And in this Love, this Unity btw God and Man, THERE IS NO DIVORCE!!!
God tirelessly, jealously Loves Man, and pours His Love on Man and Man to God during this Intercourse of Worship
Worship, Love is a sweet aroma that is pleasing to the Heart!
Through the power in the Love of Christ I Decree today that you shall Love your neighbor more!
It’s a Love Affair- WORSHIP! And it’s btw the Lover and the Lovee! Lol
Don’t bother trying to Love God, Love that Neighbor that you see!
Love that sis, that bro, that Bishop, that pastor, that driver, that gate man, that sweeper, that salesgirl. Love them!
For by so doing ye have shown that you Love God whom you do not see! *smile*
You should come 2 a point in your life where u can say- “There is nothing in the world that you would do to me that I can’t 4give you about”.
Love freely!
Faith works by Love!
Love allows you to esteem another highly above yourself
Love leads Faith follows, not force!
There is no pillow so soft as the chest of someone who cares.
Perfect Love cast out Fear!

Written By Elizabeth Titi Adesanya @Elizabeth_TeeA

Inspired by Dr. Panam Percy Paul 16/7/2014


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